About Us

02_City Tower Jhelum

Who We are

We are dedicated team of professional and licensed engineers guided by well seasoned Engr. M. Ikram Ullah, graduate from UET Lahore. We consider all aspects of structure starting from loads, material stresses, adequate capacity provision in the structure along with economy and standard safety factors.

We always follow the relevant codes for a structure and always perform all required checks like deflection check, flexural check, shear check, torsion check, fatigue check and design a structure for a time period of 100 years.

Our services expand to Gulf, Asia, America and Europe.

What We Offer

Structural Engineering

Treatment plants & buildings like industrial, commercial & residential.


Design of concrete and steel bridges as per AASHTOO codes and standard loads.


Structures designed to withstand anticipated earthquake loads.

Costing &

Costing and estimation of buildings once their tender drawings are ready.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry‚Äč

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