Our Services

We offer our services in the fields as below:

Structural Engineering

Based on ACI 318M & 350 codes

Bridge Engineering

Based on AASHTOO codes

Earthquake Engineering

based on ACI 318M codes

Costing & Estimation

As per FIDIC laws

Our Specialities

Our services expand into the following fields of specialities.

Treatment Plants

Treatment plants (tanks) either buried or on ground, for the treatment of sewage waste water produced in factories or society.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial Buildings (both concrete and steel) are designed for their anticipated loads. These include mills, factories, power plants etc.

High-rise Structures

High rise (multi story) structures are designed based on ACI 318M codes keeping in view special detailing for earthquake proof.

Bridge Structures

We carefully design bridge structures based on AASHTOO codes and their safety and economy is kept at high priority.

Steel Structures

Apart from concrete structures, we also provide design and fabrication services in steel structures, based on ASTM & ASCE codes.

Residential Buildings

Apart from industrial and high rise structures, we also provide structural design for residential projects and deliver economical & safe design.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Economy, Standard Safety Factors, Timely Delivery